USA gets majority of global human rights funding

Probably not that shocking to some, but a new report from the Foundation Center and the International Human Rights Funders Group reveals that the USA is by far the largest donor but also the greatest recipient of money for human rights.

  • A whopping 69% of all global funding goes to NGOs inside the USA
  • A total of 54% of all global funding on human rights is spent on issues inside the USA
  • That means, $649m is spent on human rights issues in the USA, compared to $111m on issues in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Spending on human rights issues inside the USA is 6 times the amount spent in 50 countries in Europe ($649m compared to $105m)

So what is going on in the USA that donors find is so much worse than what is happening in Sub-Saharan Africa or Asia Pacific?

Well, apparently according to the funding allocations, the USA has a much bigger problem in regards to “individual integrity”, liberty, security, health, sexual and reproductive rights.

Key Findings_FINAL_3 2013_0

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